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treamline your website proposal process and close more deals with Best Proposals - the fastest way to create proposals at scale.

Best Proposals isn’t your typical proposal software that relies on static templates – it’s flexible and scalable, letting you create custom website proposal sections like relevant case studies and make global styling changes across proposals in just a few clicks. Our intuitive editor makes it simple to build website proposals that capture details and resonate with your ideal clients, helping you win more business.  

Key Benefits for Web Design Agencies

Create in minutes 

Our intuitive editor and templates allow you to assemble polished website proposals in minutes, not hours. 

Fully customisable 

Easily tailor proposals with your branding, content, and pricing packages – make each pitch unique to the prospect. 

Mobile friendly 

Build, edit, and manage proposals on the go with our web-based editor optimised for any device, including mobile. 

Proposals tailored for social campaigns 

Integrate payments with Stripe, PayPal, CRMs and more, allowing prospects to pay deposits straight from accepted proposals. 

Unlimited proposals 

Send as many website proposals as you need – take advantage of template recommendations to quickly customise for each prospect. 


Using Word and online templates to create custom website proposals for each new client is tedious and prone to errors. No more! With Best Proposals, you can create professional web design and development proposals on the fly.

First, input key details on the prospect’s needs, requests, and planned deliverables. Our forms and templates make it easy to capture all relevant information upfront. 


Next, outline project pricing and payment terms that align with the prospect’s expectations and budget. Integrate this data seamlessly into polished proposals. 


Additionally, you can define standard legal terms and conditions to protect your business interests in any client engagement – we recommend doing this so you can establish expectations and improve customer satisfaction. 


Finally, Best Proposals automatically formats all your inputs into visually polished, customised proposals tailored to each prospect and ready to convert interest into accepted and signed contracts. 

Once your website proposal goes out, your client can approve, reject, or request changes to your proposal. Everything happens on one platform, and you can direct clients to CRM and payment software to polish your customer journey even further.  

Why You NEED Best Proposals

Your website proposal is a make-or-break for winning new business. An unpolished or confusing pitch means leaving deals on the table – but a customised, visually engaging proposal helps you stand out from competitors and demonstrate value to prospects. 

Best Proposals empowers website agencies to quickly create professional proposals designed to boost conversions and improve sales efficiency. 

Our platform centralises your brand guidelines, assets, and best practices so every proposal aligns with your vision – no matter which team members collaborate on a pitch. 

With Best Proposals, agencies see proposal creation time drop by over 50% on average, freeing up cycles to pursue more new business. Increased productivity means scaling your team’s bandwidth to attract more clients without inflated overhead. 

Shortened sales cycles also open opportunities to increase lead follow-up frequency by 15-20%, further accelerating deals.  

If you want to grow your book of business in today’s competitive climate, Best Proposals equips your team to create better proposals faster – leading to big wins for your agency’s sales pipeline and bottom line. 

Win More Website Clients With Best Proposals

Too often, website development proposals fail to make compelling cases to prospects, lacking strategic narrative flow to drive conversion. Gaps in content clarity confuse interested prospects and halt deals. Misaligned messaging undermines credibility and leaves prospects feeling targeted rather than valued. 

Best Proposals helps you craft elevated proposals to boost win rates using proven sales principles. Our collaborative proposal editor empowers you to shape strategic storylines tailored to each unique prospect. Carefully outlining deliverables, development roadmaps, launch timelines, and success expectations demonstrates readiness to deliver results. 

Strategic narratives help prospects envision working with you. Timelines provide valuable insight into your website development workflow from discovery, UX design, visual concepts, and architecture planning through development sprints, QA testing, and launch. This shows you understand prospects’ goals. The result is elevated trust, clarity, and conversion rates. 

Sound good? Sign up for a free trial or book a demo today. 

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