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Proposals Software for
Social Media (SMMA) Agencies

Streamline your pitch and double conversion rates with our professional social media proposals software.

Our social media agency users close 20-30% more deals on average per month after switching to our platform. With Best Proposals, you can rapidly create polished proposals that communicate your value and align with each prospect, guiding them to sign on the dotted lines in record time. 

Key Benefits for Social Media Agencies

Proposals tailored for social campaigns 

Our software is optimised to help social media agencies showcase their expertise and unique value to prospects. Create polished proposals in minutes specific to running successful social media marketing and management campaigns. 

Intuitive proposal creation 

Quickly outline detailed social media strategies across all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X using our intuitive editing interface: input client requests, recommendations, and pricing. 

Mobile-friendly closing 

Close social media deals faster by sending stunning proposals anywhere with an internet connection. Capitalise on sales meetings immediately and take advantage of the adage ‘the early bird gets the worm’. 

Get paid seamlessly 

Include seamless payment integration via Stripe, PayPal, etc., directly in proposals via the approve button to streamline client onboarding. Integrated payments reduce friction and eliminate the need to send separate invoices. 

Unlimited proposals 

No limits on proposals sent. Our system makes it simple to outline multi-channel campaigns in detail. Scale your agency to new heights without paying more to send more – Best Proposals offers incredible value! 


Log into your account and start building stunning social media proposals effortlessly. Our intuitive software walks you through outlining project specifics, selecting deliverables, attaching service packages, and adding pricing. Best of all, everything updates dynamically in real time as you input information. 


Unlike template-based tools, Best Proposals is designed to scale your social media proposals at speed. We focused on creating the fastest platform for those interested in winning work rather than fussing with documents. The system even provides suggested content based on your inputs, taking the guesswork out of the process. 


Our mobile-friendly software also maximises conversion rates by guiding you to emphasise results and ROI upfront. Show prospects exactly how you’ll measure success in delivering more traffic and conversions. 


Finally, direct your clients straight into your sales workflow upon proposal acceptance. Upload an e-signature field or link the “Accept” button to your CRM, payment platform, etc. 

Professional social media proposals are ready to fire off in minutes, letting you spend time securing business rather than creating busy work. See what Best Proposals can do for your proposal process today with a complimentary demo. 

Why You NEED Best Proposals

Getting prospects to say “yes” to social media proposals means creating proper expectations upfront and offering clear terms they can commit to. Generic templates won’t capture their attention or speak to their unique needs at each stage.

Getting prospects to say “yes” to social media proposals means creating proper expectations upfront and offering clear terms they can commit to. Generic templates won’t capture their attention or speak to their unique needs at each stage. 

Clients require a tailored pitch that resonates with prospects and moves them forward in their buying journey. That’s how you build desire for your services, justify your fees, and motivate that critical first purchase. 

Our proposal software enables the creation of bespoke pitches tailored to each lead in minutes rather than hours. 

The system guides you in emphasising value, solution fit, ROI projections and more within a sleek, mobile-friendly package. Allowing customisation to specific targets, metrics, and deliverables also gets buyers invested in the engagement by outlining mutual accountability. This further drives conversions and faster deal closure. 

In the end, our proposal engine helps you sell smarter. Ditching messy documents for polished, professional social media pitches designed to convert at each touchpoint. The difference between a template and a tailored approach directly impacts your bottom line. We enable the latter, allowing you to close more deals as you scale. 

How You Win More Clients With Best Proposals

Winning new social media clients starts with clearly communicating value in the proposal stage. 

Yet many agencies spend hours crafting custom proposals in Word or PDF, unable to show prospects why their services merit investment efficiently. Best Proposals lets you create on-brand, visually impactful proposals requiring less manual effort. 

By centralising client and prospect data, our social media proposal software makes it simple to customise messaging around pain points uncovered in the discovery call, revealing a nuanced understanding of your customer’s goals. 

Automated notifications and one-click sending of proposals at the right moment further bolster your buyer’s journey. With time savings, you can repurpose efforts toward worry-free follow-ups that nurture the customer relationship. The right tools lead to right-fit clients who feel genuinely seen and understood. 

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