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Best Proposals is the fastest way for SEO agencies and professionals to create simple proposals designed to maximise conversions and bolster the bottom line. Forget fiddling with complex templates and editors – our simple 5-step system and SEO-focused features help you send polished proposals in no time. 

Key Benefits for SEO Agencies

SEO proposals in minutes 

We optimised our software for SEO consultants who care more about winning clients than wrestling with complex documents—craft polished proposals in minutes. 

5 step process 

Input client information, requests, pricing, process, and terms to create complete proposals with everything your client needs to accept. 

Smartphone and desktop 

Our mobile responsive interface lets you create and send stunning SEO proposals on the go to capitalise on sales meetings immediately. 

Integrate payments 

Close deals by directing prospects to your Stripe, PayPal, or CRM platform straight from proposals to streamline payments and onboarding. 

Modular design 

Unlike templates, Best Proposals provides an intuitive flow to outline SEO campaigns in detail with minimal fuss, making it easy to include everything. 

Send unlimited proposals 

There’s no limit to how many proposals you can create or send with Best Proposals. SCALE your marketing and reach more customers than ever before. 

Are you tired of piecing together SEO proposals from various Word documents, PDFs, and eDocuments? Say goodbye to the juggling act. 

With Best Proposals, you can craft polished custom proposals in minutes through our intuitive step-by-step system – log in to your account, and you’ll breeze through building stunning SEO proposals from start to finish. 


First, you’ll outline client specifics like targets, goals, and sites to optimise, with our software recommending elements to include based on your inputs. Select services like keyword research, technical audits, link building and other popular deliverables. 


Attach pricing packages or build custom quotes with just a few clicks and pick preset completion timeframes or set custom durations. Best Proposals dynamically updates your proposals in real time as you input information. 


Our backend guides you in emphasising results and showing prospects exactly how you will measure success and deliver increased organic traffic. You can also include case studies and testimonials to provide social proof. 


Lastly, upload your electronic signature field so that upon client acceptance, they are instantly redirected to your CRM or payment platform. Professional SEO proposals are ready to fire off to prospects in just minutes. Easy! 

Why You Need SEO Proposals Software

SEO proposals shape your prospect’s perception of your agency. Conveying expertise and vision requires polished documentation that captivates clients. 

Yet most agencies rely on a disjointed mix of templates and documents that fail to showcase SEO services effectively. The result comes across as disjointed instead of the refined experience clients want. 

Best Proposals solves this by providing an intuitive platform to quickly build stunning, cohesive proposals explicitly designed for SEO services. Skip the hodgepodge of templates and guide prospects through tailored SEO scopes featuring deliverables, reporting, and results-driven recommendations. 

SEO proposals help close deals in fewer touchpoints, so your agency spends more time delivering for existing clients and less time dragging prospects through tedious sales cycles. 

Higher-quality SEO proposals boost client longevity by clearly setting objectives, reasonable expectations, and success metrics from project kick-off. Detailed proposals mitigate mid-project scope creep and pave the way for smoother relationships. Remember – less client churn means higher lifetime value. 

How Best Proposals Wins More SEO Clients

Landing new SEO clients takes more than optimising web pages – you need to win over prospects with a polished customer journey. 

Our intuitive software allows you to rapidly create SEO proposals to send to prospects immediately after meetings while excitement is peaked. Guide clients through custom scopes of work, spotlight ROI, and emphasise results built on genuine client examples. Set expectations by outlining objectives, key performance indicators, and success metrics upfront. Mitigate mid-project scope creep down the line. 

Best Proposals provides the closing piece to complete your sales funnel by conveying expertise through refined SEO proposals designed to resonate. Our templates help you finalise deals so that you spend less time prospecting and more time delivering. Accelerate your growth by closing more SEO deals with Best Proposals. Book a demo or sign up for a free, no-obligation trial today. 

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