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Craft and send professional marketing proposals in minutes. Close deals fast and win more customers with less effort.

Best Proposals is the fastest way for marketing agencies to create polished, professional proposals that win more clients. Forget juggling templates and eDocuments – our intuitive software builds custom proposals from start to finish in under 10 minutes, capturing approval and payment in one proposal. 

Key Benefits for Marketing Agencies

Marketing Proposals Made Simple 

Our simplified proposal builder allows marketing agencies to create polished, custom proposals in just minutes without templates or guesswork. 

Step-by-Step Proposal Wizard 

Walk through our intuitive workflow tailored to marketing services. Just input core details like goals, pricing, and terms for professional proposals. 

Optimised for Mobile 

Our mobile-friendly proposal interface lets marketing agencies send proposals on the go directly after-sales calls for swift follow-up. 

Integrations to Streamline Onboarding 

Get clients onboarded faster by allowing them to electronically approve proposals and instantly access your payment and CRM platforms to complete contracts. 

Modular Sections for Campaign Details 

Break down digital marketing scopes into modular sections for services, deliverables, timelines and reporting without hassling over formats. 

Unlimited Proposals 

Send as many custom proposals as needed to keep prospecting at scale and land more clients than ever. 


Input prospect information like contact details and services needed. Our intuitive system recommends elements to include. 

Select specific services and channels based on the client’s goals and outline planned deliverables, project timelines and critical milestones. 


Easily attach your marketing pricing packages and custom quotes. Define legal terms and conditions that align with the project scope to set clear expectations. 


Best Proposals automatically formats your inputs into visually impressive proposals tailored to each prospect for review. 


Format your approve button so prospects can instantly access your CRM or payment system upon acceptance to complete contracts. 

Best Proposals modernises outdated sales cycles to help marketing agencies clinch more deals faster. Our software centralises your proposals and enables engaging pitches specific to each opportunity without reinventing the wheel. 

Why Marketers NEED Best Proposals

Do your marketing teams struggle to piece together polished proposals, jumping between various templates and documents? Are your account managers overwhelmed trying to customise proposals for every new prospect? 

Best Proposals finally takes the hassle out of creating stunning marketing proposals tailored to each client. Our simplified software guides you through building professional proposals in minutes without the busywork. Say goodbye to endlessly updating static templates and copying content between documents. 

Keep your teams focused on securing new business instead of being buried in busy work. Best Proposals allows marketing agencies to scale their sales process, reaching more prospects with less grunt work—automate proposal creation workflow so your teams can close deals faster and improve your bottom line. 

Make an outstanding first impression by ditching outdated eDocuments. Our mobile-friendly interface lets prospects quickly review and accept proposals on any device without downloading anything. Welcome to simplicity. 

Seal More Marketing Deals with Best Proposals

Creating custom proposals is a necessary but often painful step in the sales process for marketing agencies. Each RFP requires understanding the client’s unique needs and outlining tailored scopes of work, pricing packages, and legal terms for them. This process commonly drags out for weeks, delaying deal progression. 

Waiting for prospects to accept, print, sign, and then snail mail back paperwork creates bottlenecks. Outdated workflows mean you don’t get paid until the contract returns—if prospects don’t ghost you first. Shorten your pipeline cycle, minimise stragglers, and get paid faster with marketing proposals purpose-built to maximise your bottom line. 

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