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Stop faffing around with eDocuments and invoice quotes. Create professional proposals in minutes and win more work.

Best Proposals transforms you from order-taker to sales closer with the easiest proposal creation flow of all time. Captivate prospects in minutes with beautifully structured freelancer proposals that demonstrate your professionalism. Get approved and paid in one loop and kick your conversion rates into overdrive. 

Key Benefits for Freelancers

Professional proposals in minutes 

Our simple 5-step process lets you generate optimised proposals in minutes rather than hours. Just enter the key proposal details and hit send! 

Wins you more deals 

Our freelancer proposals focus on what matters most – pricing, deliverables, and next steps. This clarity converts more clients and brings in more deals. 

Mobile friendly 

Best Proposals sets you free from your desktop. Manage your freelance proposals on your smartphone or tablet with our intuitive web-based interface. 

Link Payment Pages 

Send accepted proposals directly to your payment and eSignature pages. Get paid faster with Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless, or another preferred payment platform. 

Scale anytime 

Whether your freelance workload increases or declines, you can quickly scale operations up or down with unlimited users and flexible plans. 


Transforming your freelance offerings into stunning proposals is incredibly simple with Best Proposals. Our intuitive software guides you through quickly customising professional proposals for each client. 

Getting started takes just minutes. Provide vital context by entering prospect details like company name, service needs, timeline expectations, etc. 


Next, delineate deliverables, outlining exactly what services you will provide. Break these into detailed line items highlighting specialised offerings, support availability, response times, reporting methods and success measurement plans. 


Pricing is crucial to driving conversions, so we provide tools to define your freelance fees and payment terms accurately. Highlight discounts, incentives, and payment options to entice clients. Include clear payment methods, timelines, and renewal specifics. 


Safeguard yourself legally by adding robust terms and conditions covering intellectual property, quality guarantees, liability limits and more. Add additional information like NDAs and contractual obligations. 

With the heavy lifting done, direct your customers into your sales workflow. Insert client acceptance fields into your payment processor, CRM software, or contract sign-off tool by linking the accept button anywhere you like. 

Why You NEED Best Proposals

Freelancing brings its share of challenges. Standing out among the competition and consistently demonstrating value to win new projects can prove challenging. 

Crafting customised proposals professionally and efficiently takes extensive effort, and the results with PDFs and eDocuments leave lots to be desired. Plus, informal agreements can confuse project scope, deliverables, and payment terms. 

Best Proposals ease these pains to streamline your freelance sales process. Our intuitive software helps you create polished proposals that impress clients and set expectations.

Structured service offerings, transparent pricing, terms, and integrated contracts formalise agreements upfront to prevent mismatched expectations. 

Robust information sections ensure your clients have everything they need to accept, reject, or request changes to your proposal.  

Prospects receive your professional proposal through email, then digitally review and accept the terms—accepted bids route directly into your integrated billing or contracts software, awaiting payment and signatures. Once signed and processed, you deliver as promised, knowing payment gets released when requested. 

How You Win More Clients With Best Proposals

Getting clients to say “yes” starts with proposals demonstrating you understand their problems and can provide solutions.

Best Proposals structures your bids around these vital elements to directly address prospect pain points with your offerings, capabilities, and vision for successfully driving their desired outcomes.  Our guided workflow focuses your proposals on tangible value propositions rather than generic service descriptions. This clarity gives clients the confidence to proceed with engaging you. Present tiered options highlighting good, better, and best paths based on budgets and priorities rather than a one-size-fits-all info dump. 


Present your freelance proposal within a sleek, mobile-friendly web interface. Our simple guided UX produces polished, professional results. Yet anyone can create these fluid, dynamic proposals in minutes without templates, formatting headaches or stale delivery.  Rather than wasting your time chained to your desktop building proposals, access Best Proposals on mobile anywhere inspiration strikes. Coffee shops, client meetings, airports – proposals happen on your schedule. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. Ditch outdated documents for dynamic freelance proposals in our intuitive platform. 

Sign up for free today to spin up deals faster and convert more customers. 

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