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Which Software Is Best Used to Write a Proposal?

A business proposal is a method of persuading a client that they need the services of a sole trader or organisation. As the most common method of business being awarded new wins, getting a proposal right is essential for maintaining healthy operations. 

While the process of submitting a proposal will not disappear anytime soon, all is not lost for those wanting to reach even more clients in less time. Proposal software is the business gem that sole traders and companies worldwide are starting to select. There is no denying that software can save professionals time and energy, but it is particularly effective in proposal management. 

This article will explore the best software for writing a proposal in 2024 and beyond and look at the benefits of adopting these efficient tools. To learn more, keep reading.

How Can Proposal Software Support Business Professionals?

Proposal software allows individuals and companies to easily submit tenders for work. Gone are the days of spending hours slaving over individual offers for them only to be unsuccessful. Instead, proposal software harnesses the power of integration and automation to allow offers full of detail to fly out in record time. 

A strong business proposal should contain all of the following:

  • A table of contents, catchy and memorable introduction, plus summary to allow the reader to go on a journey. An effective proposal should account for professionals who will both skim read, pulling out key information, and those who look for detail.
  • Timelines and associated costs with all information included so that the awarding client can obtain all necessary information to proceed with their chosen person or business.
  • Information about the company or sole trader includes storytelling to start building an emotional connection.
  • All onward contact information ensures the tender and, hopefully, the awarding process can run smoothly.

Proposal software wraps all of these elements up in a professional package, prompting the person submitting to hit all the touchpoints. The devil is in the details regarding any form of proposal, as it can sometimes be the only opportunity you get to contact the prospective hirer. Instead of leaving success to chance, proposal software allows business professionals to make the best impression with succinct content inclusive of all information that could be required. 

Whether the company is in its infancy phases or has been established for a long time, proposal software gives everyone access to the same tools to achieve better results.

Benefits Of Proposal Software

  • Companies and/or sole traders get to make a brilliant first impression, which often leads to the work being awarded.
  • Prompts are delivered so all information can be included in the first submission.
  • Collaboration and integration with CRM tools can be achieved for efficiency and productivity benefits.
  • The process can be tracked, and reminders can be sent as automated prompts. This allows full management and awareness at all times without spending all effort and resources on the task. Managing more tasks and multiple proposals is key for growth and ongoing success.
  • Proposal software allows everything to be managed digitally, including the signing of contracts. This keeps all documentation in one place and ensures all parties can access the information they need.

What Features Should You Look for When Choosing Proposal Software?

When choosing the best software to write killer proposals, several features should be accounted for. It’s important to ensure the software you select covers all of these, as the best results can only be seen when a succinct framework is in place. 

Features you should look for include template management, automation, integration with other software, affordable credit systems and tracking. These all encompass the benefits that good proposal software tools offer, allowing for a better success rate when tenders are submitted. It should also be noted that companies will likely favour the better software options. If you use the tools, the brand legitimacy and favourability are automatically applied to your tender.

What Proposal Software Is Recommended?

Taking the time and attention to create a proposal that has a personal approach is more likely to win business. When you select the right proposal software, this is encompassed every step of the way, thanks to the wide selection of personalisation features. 

Best Proposals is widely regarded as one of the best software proposal tools on offer, thanks to the targeted approach that has been made to the submission process. If you are looking for software that encompasses all of the features we have outlined in this article and others, then this tool is for you. 

Ideal for sole traders and organisations, the software has been created using research of other options available on the market. This was then combined with the typical best practice processes from successful wins to create a three-step touchpoint approach that guaranteed success. Firstly, Best Proposals is recommended due to its four-step proposal approach, which ensures all points are covered. They can then be stored as templates and are easy to edit for the future, allowing speedy submissions. 

Once the proposal is submitted, a follow-up process is viewable with full transparency. This allows you to send reminders and prompts should the proposal not move along nicely. Once you have been successful (which there is a high chance you will be), the system facilitates everything from contract creation to payment. Best Proposals is also recommended due to the intelligent analytics, which keeps track of engagement statistics to ensure you can be informed at all times, no matter what step of the proposal process you are at.

Why Choose Best

Proven Success

Best Proposals is already working for many business professionals wanting to stand out for all the right reasons. Thanks to the universal approach, all sectors and businesses can use the software with the best chance of success. This is guaranteed thanks to the informed approach that the development stages undertook and the constant upgrades being made in light of feedback.

Affordable Option

Across all pricing options, accounts can be cancelled anytime, offering flexibility. This was important to us as we understand how fluid business operations can be, so the last thing anyone wants is to be tied into something they cannot break.

The starter package, which costs just £19.99 per month, is ideal for solopreneurs and freelancers. This allows 10 high-quality proposals to be sent monthly and provides ample support and full personalisation. Our most popular package is the business option, which, for £49.99 per month, allows 50 proposals to be sent with unlimited users. The ultimate package is available to larger or just more active companies. For £99.99 per month, unlimited proposals are sent, meaning scalability is within reach. 

All prices exclude VAT, and accounts can be tested for free to see if the tool suits your needs.

Simplicity At Every Stage

Best Proposals may include all factors needed to create effective proposals, but that doesn’t mean the process is complex. Instead, each element has been created and designed with a streamlined user experience in mind. From the professionals needing to submit stand-out proposals to the clients reading them, the process is simple for all.

This reduces time, improves efficiency and allows decisions to be made faster, which is the ultimate goal of a high-quality business proposal.

Secure Solution

IT experts have created Best Proposals to ensure the user experience is top-notch and secure. Every aspect, from account protection to linked payment options, is securely encrypted to reduce the risk often available during digital operations. You can even add a Stripe payment link to offers, which allows for streamlined processing of completed work once a contract is successfully won.

What software tool is best for digital proposals? Best Proposals! Try this amazing tool for free today to start experiencing the benefits available when you select an efficiency business software solution for proposal management. 

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