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What Is a Sales Proposal Software?

There is no denying that the world is more digital than it ever has been before. Whether you consider reaching customers, hiring remote professionals or managing meetings in digital workspaces, every business will likely have at least one facet of operations conducted online. 

One business process that has changed since the digital transformations of many sectors is how a sales proposal is facilitated. What once was a face-to-face process involving handshakes and dinners is now largely virtual for many. With the sales proposal software industry set to be worth a staggering $6.7 billion by 2032, now is the time for savvy companies to adopt the essential operational tool. 

As experts in all things to do with digital proposals at Best Proposals, we wanted to share our definitions of this software and how it can benefit companies from all sectors. To learn more and to find out all about our innovative tool, keep reading.

What Does Sales Proposal Software Refer To?

Firstly, let us define exactly what sales proposal software is. Even though the name may seem explanatory, you may be surprised by the far-reaching remit these tools can offer.

Sales proposal software is a tool that allows salespeople and other experts to create, refine, submit and track sales proposals. This software aims to provide various professional formats for use, ensuring all vital information is included within submissions. Covering everything from financial calculations to automated follow-ups, the software is designed to give salespeople a way to take a hands-off approach to individual proposal management. Allowing these experts a way to automate and format proposals means more projects can be managed at once without the detail of the personal touch being lost. With 28% of sales directors alone working more than 60 hours per week on average, this software tool offers a revolutionary way for companies to improve success rates, efficiency, and employee well-being.

Sales proposal software allows companies to view results and current performance at a glance, allowing other departments to work together more cohesively. By giving organisations a way to streamline the creation of sales proposals, companies of all sizes can operate more confidently across various markets.

Features of Sales Proposal Software

Whilst all platforms will differ in what they offer, the main features of sales proposal software are pretty uniform across the board. These are as follows:

  • The capability to brand templates and other automated communications. This often includes fonts, colours, logos and tone of voice. An important element of submitting a sales proposal is identity, as it gives clients a chance to understand what a business is about.
  • Tracking and automated nudges are often featured to ensure the performance of all proposals can be monitored through just one screen. This also includes analytics of proposal performance to help teams understand how they can improve success rates for future submissions.
  • Sales proposal tools can also be linked with existing CRM tools to allow a brief approach to campaign management. 
  • The option to save proposal templates is also made possible, which saves time on future proposals. Most of the time, sales proposals require the same information to be submitted. By allowing companies a method of saving these, they can simply tweak and send for future proposal opportunities.

Who Can Use Sales Proposal Software?

The beauty of sales proposal software tools is that businesses can use them! Whether you have a small business with one salesperson or a large company with a full commercial operation, the software allows a simplistic way for companies to manage proposals professionally. 

Sales proposal software is also ideal for all industries, with particular effectiveness being seen for those with more detail-focused content required of them. The tool essentially allows a tick-box approach to submissions, ensuring no information is missed. Sales proposals and tenders can often be delayed due to missing data. With sales proposal software, you can ensure all possible content is submitted in the first round. This does mean that if some form of iteration is required, it is likely to only be small.

Sales Proposal Software Benefits

Although we have touched on a few advantages of adopting sales proposal software, there are many more benefits to be experienced for the forward-thinking companies who choose them. We are proud to say that our software tool benefits from these aspects, as we believe all companies deserve access to a professional sales tool that elevates the tender process. 

When you choose to use sales proposal software, the benefits are as follows:

Improved Success Rates

HubSpot reports that the average sales win rate is only 21%. This means lots of time and effort being lost from missed sales opportunities. Whilst it’s true that in business, one deal can be the difference between success and failure, would it not be better to have more wins coming in? If growth and sustained operations are important to the company, we think this will be a huge bonus when using sales proposal software. 

The reason that success rates are higher is down to a few aspects. These include a professional look at submissions, direct delivery to the correct person and all details being included. All together, these create a professional image that creates a positive impression in the minds of prospective clients. If a sales proposal is succinct and sleek, it means the following services are likely to match. 

Faster Submissions

The automated nature of sales proposal software allows tenders to be submitted rapidly. This means companies can show how serious they are about a job in record time. By outperforming competitors and delivering a complete proposal rich in detail quickly, potential clients will look favourably at the business. This is made possible thanks to the available templates and prompts when completing a proposal, allowing salespeople to gather all information without delays.

Tracking of Sales Proposals

Sales proposal software feeds nicely into sales pipelines with many tools offering the functionality of aligning with CRM setups. This allows progress to be seen at a glance, meaning salespeople can focus on other objectives and outreach methods while the proposals do their thing. Not only does this allow a more dynamic and reactive approach, but it means other departments can be brought into the mix should they be needed. An example could be deploying marketing professionals to create a personalised outreach communication of even finance to send a detailed breakdown of costs should the target company need a bit more convincing.

Empower Teams

Confident sales teams are successful ones.

By ensuring transparency, support with submitting proposals, and the reduced chance of revisions, salespeople will have less worry about their work. The increased success rates made possible by this form of software also mean they can achieve more and experience more wins. This creates an overall culture of success and excitement, allowing companies to be more sales savvy and make more money.

What Does The ‘Best Proposals’ Website Offer?

If you are looking for a way to win more deals, reduce submission time and give even inexperienced salespeople the tools needed to look like experts, we have the solution for you.

Best Proposals is a highly effective sales proposal software tool encompassing all of the benefits and features in this article. Our process is curated to work as we have assessed the three main elements needed to ace a sales proposal submission: preparation, ongoing communications, and analytics tracking. 

Our three-touch approach emphasises the key areas that salespeople need to focus on if they want to turn proposals into quantifiable business. Our software guides professionals through the ideal process of submitting a winning tender with complete ease. From sole traders to large corporations, our software allows any business professional to be represented in the best light. 

Try Best Proposals for free today to start experiencing sales proposal submissions as they should be.

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