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What Is a Good Sales Proposal?

Sales proposals are an essential way of winning business and something that all companies spend years trying to find the magic formula for. However, with all contracts asking for something different, creating a standardised document that ticks all boxes can be overwhelming. With 82% of sales professionals saying that building connections is the most important part of their job, it’s clear how important a sales proposal is in establishing the start of working relationships. 

So, what does a good sales proposal look like in 2024, and are there ways to make the process quicker? If these questions are swirling around your mind, keep reading as we explore how businesses and sole traders can create contract-winning sales proposals. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sales Proposal?

At Best Proposals, our team has spent countless hours researching what creates an excellent sales proposal. Why? We have created a software tool that allows freelancers and large corporations to create sales proposals with complete ease and confidence. This aims to win more contracts and offer a way for professionals to be represented in the best possible light. That is exactly the purpose of a good and strong sales proposal. 

The purpose of a sales proposal is to pitch a prospective company’s suitability for a contract opportunity. This is done by outlining all required information that creates a brief image of how the organisation would fulfil a need with their product or service. However, the purpose is not as linear as it may seem, as sales proposals have a huge role in a company’s ongoing success. 

As such, the foundation for any good business proposal is a professional image and mixed emotions, plus detailed information that showcases the applying organisation. This means getting across brand values, tone of voice and branding whilst also providing quantitatively why the company is the missing piece of the puzzle for the prospective client.

To summarise, a sales proposal’s purpose is to pitch the businesses’ suitability for the opportunity and give the reader a clear view of what makes the entire company unique. A good sales proposal needs to achieve it all!

How Should Sales Proposals Be Managed Internally?

Another indicator of a good sales proposal lies in how it has been created which is why we chose to include this section in this article. Ultimately, the sales proposal responsibility sits within the commercial team normally being created by the sales managers and/or directors. 

However, a strong sales proposal should bring together multiple pieces of information from a company to create the clear image needed to win contracts. This means that other departments such as marketing, buying, finance and operations also have a key part to play in creating a compelling proposal. A good proposal should also have sign off from various departments to quality check the document before it is sent across. This then reduces follow up time and eliminates the chance of errors occurring.

What Steps Should Be Completed Before Creating a Strong Sales Proposal?

A good sales proposal should be a collaborative effort, as we have already established. However, another aspect you may not have considered is the ground work that must be done beforehand to ensure the proposal is detailed. These consist of the following:

Conduct a competitor analysis and research the prospective company.

Market and company research is a brilliant way to gather vital information about the target business. This should be done in detail before the proposal is created to ensure an understanding of the goal of the required product or service is obtained. A good sales proposal should tell the prospective client how their needs will be fulfilled and take them on a journey of the process to do so. Awareness of the influential factors will achieve this and make a positive impression on the client.

Conduct a gap analysis to see what areas your business fills.

This will allow the sales proposal to include an element of storytelling which shows how the proposed company can make a difference to them. This also enables the products and/or services to be pitched effectively, showing why they are the best solution. A good sales proposal needs to show how gaps will be filled so the task is made simple and accurate when armed with this information.

Choose the best format to send and manage the sales proposal.

The final step to consider before creating a sales proposal is how it will be packaged. For some proposals, clear directions will be provided, but for others, it’s down to the applying business to decide what best represents them. 

At Best Proposals, we offer digital templates and a software tool to manage the entire process. This means all information can be branded, collated and sent in a professional way that allows digital automation to support the process. This not only makes for a speedy method of creating proposals but also makes a brilliant impression on the potential client. 

What Does a Good Sales Proposal Include?

A solid and detailed sales proposal must include all the aspects the reader expects to find. Without this, the proposal will likely not be followed up on, and the business will miss out on the first stage of the application process.

Once all of the previous items we have outlined have been accounted for, there is then the aspect of the structure of the proposal to get right before the information is sent away for assessment. By this point, you should have all the data ready to include, so it’s just a matter of formatting it as expected. All sales proposals must include the following:

  • A title page, introduction, executive summary, concluding summary and appendix to ensure the document can be navigated with ease.
  • Details about the company, the products and associated services, and team structures. 
  • An outline of the requested product or service and how the proposed business meets those needs.
  • Pricing and financial information at the top level. This can be defined and broken down later, but a pipeline of associated costs is good to include. 
  • A detailed call to action along with a proposed contract.
  • Testimonials and client feedback to provide scope and represent completed projects.

Every sales proposal will look slightly different, but as a rule of thumb, each of these aspects should be included. You may just find that focus points and supporting information will differ depending on the project, sector and complexity of requested services.

How to Create Digital Sales Proposals

Now that you know exactly what a good sales proposal is, it’s time to plan for how your business will ace the tendering process in 2024. With 70% of sales professionals saying budgets are tighter than ever before, the need to get sales proposals spot on is essential. This also represents the importance of choosing the right software for the job to ensure proposals can be submitted efficiently with quality maintained. 

Best Proposals make the process simple. As well as being simple to use and allowing you to store templates for future speedy submissions, other benefits include the following:

  • Prices start from just £19.99 per month, allowing anyone from solopreneurs to large corporate employees to easily use the services.
  • The software can be used collaboratively by all departments and allows input from the prospective client during the assessment and finalisation of contract phases.
  • Stripe pay can be linked creating an easy way to facilitate payments if your sales proposal is successful.
  • Lead times will likely be faster as digital sending and automated reminders allow clients to assess documents online from anywhere.
  • All content is in one place, including the proposed contract, which makes the entire awarding process fuss-free.

These benefits work together to create an irresistible sales proposal process that we know clients appreciate. Register for free today to try Best Proposals now.

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