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How to Write a Killer Sales Proposal

No matter how advanced digital transformations get over the coming years, one thing is certain: sales proposals will always be a part of business. A sales proposal forms a highly valuable document that is integral to the chance of winning new business and having success with client contracts. 

Although sales proposals may be the standard way to win new contracts and access opportunities, that doesn’t mean they all need to be the same. At Best Proposals, we have seen first-hand how creating a killer proposal can unlock many possibilities for savvy business owners. It also means you stand a chance at not being lost within the digital, and sometimes physical, pile of proposals, all vying for that one opportunity. 

Do you want to make epic business proposals a part of your company’s journey throughout 2024 and beyond? If so, keep reading to learn our tips and tricks.

What Is a Sales Proposal?

Let’s start by defining a sales proposal to ensure we are all on the same page. A sales proposal is a written business document that presents a company’s services and/or products to potential clients. This is an important foundation for business relationships, as all information about future work is outlined in detail. 

A sales proposal is also essential as it should encompass both short and longer form pitches to ensure anyone reading the document has their style of taking in information accounted for. Bridging together qualitative and qualitative details, sales documents should leave the prospective client feeling confident that they understand who to select for their work. 

The proposal should avoid too much detail as that can be included at a later date or in supporting appendices. Instead, it should give enough information to start a conversation and create a clear image of what the contract would look like should it be awarded. Essentially, it should give enough information to secure the awarding of new work but not give away all of the company’s secrets. After all, you want the client to work with you, not take your ideas and run away!

What Should Be Included In A Sales Proposal?

The first step to creating a killer sales proposal is to ensure all boxes are ticked through content considerations. No matter how amazing your proposal is, you will miss the mark if it’s missing essential information. It should also be noted that the content you must account for will depend on the type of sales proposal and industry it’s designed for.

By using the below list, you should be able to understand what your next sales proposal should include when applied to the work you are pitching for.

  • An executive summary, contents, and appendix to ensure the proposal is easy to read. You want the prospective client to go on a journey and build a connection with you, which the right structure can achieve.
  • Company information such as background, registration numbers and any license details.
  • Cost breakdowns and any supporting financial information.
  • A description of the proposed products and services, along with USPs and key selling points, to anchor how your business stands out. 
  • Contact information and communication channels to ensure transparency are available from day one.
  • A draft of the proposed contract containing all small print should be included to help the process move swiftly.

As many as 50 – 90% of purchasing decisions are made before speaking with a sales representative, which means the sales proposal is essential. It is likely a company’s only chance of standing out and making an impression, so including all content that could be asked for is a great way to win that contract.

How To Make Your Sales Proposal Stand Out?

Now that you know what elements must be included in the sales proposal, it’s time to chat about how to take your document to the next level. Chances are that well over half of the companies applying for the same opportunity will have included the content listed above. Although your products, service and business may be enough to stand out, you likely need to sprinkle some extra magic on the proposal to make it the best. You can do this by paying attention to the following points:

Research The Opportunity

Companies don’t want the content within a sales proposal to be generic, as that doesn’t tell buyers and stakeholders enough to make an informed decision. They also want to know that the business genuinely wants to work with them for the right reasons. A way to tick both boxes is to do your research before compiling the proposal. 

This comes in two forms: knowing exactly what the buyer needs and how the person reading the proposal will likely perceive the content. By asking questions, looking at previous contracts and understanding the competitor’s activity, knowledge insights can be derived, which are then applied to the proposal, giving yours an undeniable edge.

Use Proposal Software

Another way to create that killer sales proposal is using professional proposal software, such as the app available from Best Proposals. Using such tools allows you to access templates that give any sales proposal a professional finish. The digital features also help to avoid the instance of information being missed and also allow the proposal to be delivered in a sleek, easy-to-digest format. 

Furthermore, full branding can be applied to ensure any materials the prospective client receives can be easily tracked back to the hopeful business.

Add Feedback

If you have feedback and client testimonials from previous projects, throw them into the mix! 

Clients will do their research and seek out any readily available feedback themselves. However, having it in one place can reduce the decision-making time. Furthermore, 95% of people say that reviews influence decision-making, including a review, which could be one piece of information pushing the contract in the applying organisation’s favour.

Make The Journey Simple

We have all heard the saying that sometimes less is more. We confirm that the sentiment can be applied to sales proposals. We don’t mean missing out on key information but instead ensuring the proposal is free from clutter and easy to digest. Using a digital tool like ours ensures that sections are easily defined and that content is free from confusion to ensure essential information can be found without delays. 

This also then relates to the follow-up process. Should the prospective client have questions or want to move to the next phase of the tender process, the way to do so should be clearly mapped. After all, the proposal directly represents the service they can expect to receive should the business be awarded, so surely you want it to be streamlined. 

Why Choose Best Proposals For a Killer Sales Pitch

Are you now feeling confident and ready to leave competitors behind in your dust tracks by creating the best sales proposals? By using the tips we have included in this article, success should be just a stone’s throw away. 

Best Proposals has been created by experts who know exactly what it means to take part in sales pitches. Thanks to the insider knowledge, all templates and tools included genuinely make a difference to companies looking to improve their proposal potential. When you choose Best Proposals, you get to benefit from the following:

  • Affordable pricing, with packages starting from £19.99 per month with no contract restrictions in place.
  • Solutions for sole traders, small companies and large organisations.
  • Complete personalisations and editability to allow you to put your own identity on all proposals.
  • Tracking of proposals to ensure full visibility is available.
  • Detailed analytics with insights that can be used to shape future proposals to improve the chance of success.
  • Support from our team to help create stand-out sales proposals.

To find out more, you can try Best Proposals for free or book a meeting to discuss your sales proposal needs in more detail.

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