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Best Proposals vs Prospero

Best Proposals is the fastest platform for scaling proposals, while Prospero sacrifices speed for graphical elements.

Best Proposals is an online proposal maker designed to help you quickly create streamlined proposals that win business. Our intuitive platform focuses on slim simplicity over flashy formatting and lets you create, deliver, and track lightweight proposals in just minutes. 

What is Best Proposals?

We guide you through crafting a compelling core proposal in five key steps—Introduction, Asks, Pricing, Process, Terms—and then deliver your polished pitch directly into your prospect’s inbox. They click to review, accept, or decline your offer online – no more clunky paperwork or lengthy back-and-forth negotiations. 

Best Proposals brings order and speed to the often-chaotic process of securing new business. We built it from the ground up to help solopreneurs, agencies, and teams ditch desktop publishing drudgery and start converting prospects at scale. Create, send, win. It’s that straightforward with Best Proposals. 

Who needs Best Proposals?

Best Proposals streamlines proposals for consultants, creative agencies, freelancers, and teams who want to move fast and close more business. If you’re weary of crafting visually complex proposals that prospects rarely read, our simple yet persuasive approach is right for you. 

What makes it great?

Dynamic Tools

We excel at transforming proposals from static documents into dynamic sales tools. Best Proposals brings structure and momentum to your sales conversations and equips you to convert more prospects into paying customers. 


While some solutions overload you with needless features, our platform is purpose-built for speed and conversion. We guide you in highlighting your value, stating your terms, integrating payments and customer management systems, and getting faster approvals. 

Higher Conversions

You’ll seal more deals with less struggle, integrate Stripe or collect deposits upfront, and spell out your terms and client expectations. We handle the busy work so you can focus on winning new business. 

Any limitations?

If flashy templates and excessive visuals matter more to you than fast conversions, Best Proposals may not be the best fit. We prioritise utility over customisable looks and help you pitch to prospects with clarity and purpose. 

Key features

What is Prospero?

Prospero is an intuitive online proposal maker that helps users create beautiful, client-winning proposals. The platform guides users through building polished proposals based on pre-designed templates that are customisable.  

You can select from over 100 professional templates covering all types of client work and customise covers content, visuals, pricing, and more to showcase services. You then send directly to clients and track engagement right in Prospero. 

With Prospero, users can ditch desktop publishing headaches and start pitching clients from anywhere, anytime. The templates, content blocks, and powerful proposal editor make it easy to assemble proposals that impress. 

Who needs Prospero?

Prospero works for consultants, agencies, freelancers, and teams who want to close more deals quickly by sending client-centric proposals. If creating and tracking visually stunning proposals is crucial to your sales process, Prospero will optimise your workflow. 

What makes Prospero great?

Prospero combines good looks and utility to help proposals convert more prospects into paying clients. The platform equips users to make a polished first impression with sleek, customisable templates, showcase services visually with photos, videos, and charts, and offer custom packages for prospects to self-select. You can also add approvals, signatures, integrated payments, and track performance to improve future proposals. 

Any limitations?

Prospero’s workflow takes time to master, and although you can save templates, making changes is inevitable for different types of clients. You sacrifice speed and utility for customisation, so Prospero isn’t the best platform for larger agencies and those wanting a no-fuss sales process. 

Key features

Best Proposals vs Prospero

for agencies

Best Proposals provides more streamlined utility. Its simplified proposal editor focuses only on critical sections like Introduction, Requests, Pricing, Process and Terms to quickly help agencies create lightweight proposals. The stock template is clean and uncluttered with your company logo, ensuring perfect formatting every time. 

For branding-conscious agencies wanting graphic proposals, Prospero gives more template options and design flexibility with an extensive gallery of templates with photos, charts, and other multimedia – but it is significantly slower to use. 

Best Proposals vs Prospero

for freelancers

For productivity-driven freelancers who want simple yet effective tools to communicate offerings, integrate payments and accelerate deals quickly, Best Proposals is the best software because it requires no tinkering. 

Freelance creatives who sell more on personal brand image than process efficiency may prefer Prospero’s more expansive variety of visually impressive templates with expanded multimedia options to highlight their unique value and talents. 

Which should you choose?

If you sell professional services by leading clients through an efficient, standardised process, choose Best Proposals to create proposals focused purely on critical client information like pricing, timelines, and terms. Its emphasis on speed over appearances serves smooth-running agencies and freelancers well. 

If you freelance creative services and rely more on showcasing personal talents to differentiate, Prospero better supports custom-tailored branding and polished visuals to highlight your unique skills. Its expansive creative options cater to sole designers pursuing beauty through bespoke proposals. 

We recommend choosing the platform best aligned to your long-term sales strategy. Best Proposals offers a free demo if you want to give it a whirl. 

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