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Best Proposals vs Proposify

Best Proposals and Proposify both make proposals, but only Best Proposals scales with simplicity.

Best Proposals is an online, mobile-friendly proposal creation tool that lets you create lightweight proposals in minutes at scale. It wins work and gets clients to approve without the fuss of eDocuments. 

What is Best Proposals?

Our software has a 5-step process: Introduction, Requests, Pricing, Process, and Terms. It takes one minute to fill in most sections, and clicking continue sends you to the next section. After sending, the proposal lands in your client’s email inbox, where they click a link and accept or reject it online. 

Best Proposals is fast and scalable with no learning curve. Unlike graphical, template-based software, there’s nothing to configure. Just click and go! 

We created Best Proposals to bring order to the chaos of proposals software. Create, send, convert. It is that simple with Best Proposals. 

Who is Best Proposals for?

Best Proposals is for agencies and freelancers wanting to ditch PDFs and create clean, minimal proposals at scale without any unnecessary bulk. 

What makes it great?

Dynamic Tools

Best Proposals is built to deliver information fast and convert prospects into customers without any of the faff of visual eDocuments. 


It brings structure to proposals immediately and lets you integrate your CRM, Stripe, PayPal, and GoCardless to collect payments, effectively giving you a closed conversion loop to minimise hold-ups and get clients to sign. 

Any limitations?

Best Proposals favours minimalism and simplicity in the proposal process, lacking some fancy graphics of other solutions. 

Key features

What is Proposify?

Proposify is an online proposal software solution that streamlines the proposal process for small and medium-sized service businesses. 

It provides a template-based editor for creating professional proposals without design experience. The software includes a library of customisable templates for various services to kickstart proposal creation, enabling easy content repurposing and collaboration through a centralised content repository. 

The software provides helpful metrics like proposal status, viewer engagement, and sign-off information. There is also a mobile app for on-the-go proposal management. 

Overall, Proposify simplifies proposal design, creation, and tracking, helping service businesses close deals faster and win more customers. 

Who is Proposify for?

Proposify is for SMEs that want to create graphical templates with minimal configuration, creating proposals in just a few clicks. 

What makes it great?

Proposify excels at creating interesting graphical proposals with custom fields and variables that auto-populate new proposals. It collects electronic signatures and creates legally binding proposals with payment included. 

Any limitations?

Proposify uses a pre-designed template system, so if you don’t like the templates, tough luck. There’s also a learning curve – for example, adding new sections can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Key features

Best Proposals vs Proposify

for agencies

For agencies like web, SEO, social media, and marketing firms, Best Proposals is a faster and more lightweight option. With its simplified 5-step process focused on key details, Best Proposals enables creating proposals at scale in just minutes, allowing agencies to rapidly churn out many client proposals. 

Proposify offers more customisation and graphical templates but can get complex with a learning curve. So, agencies valuing speed and simplicity over templates may find Best Proposals better suits their high-volume needs, while agencies wanting more graphical proposals will prefer Proposify. 

Best Proposals vs Proposify​

for freelancers

With more time than agencies juggling many clients, freelancers can use Proposify’s visually impressive templates because the learning curve is surmountable for those not working at scale. Freelance designers will enjoy Proposify’s colourful interface. 

Meanwhile, Best Proposals offers a more straightforward layout and proposal design, stripping the thrills for something cleaner and more manageable. It’s built to scale proposals while eliminating eDocuments, and it doesn’t take away any functionality – you can still get clients to approve and pay from the document and integrate your CRM. 

Which should you choose?

The choice between Best Proposals and Proposify depends on your needs and priorities. Best Proposals’ simplicity and scalability make it the better choice for agencies and freelancers focused on high-volume proposal creation. Its streamlined process enables the creation of many proposals rapidly without complexity. 

However, Proposify offers greater customisation and visual appeal. So, for freelancers or small agencies wanting more configurable graphical templates without volume demands, Proposify can create higher-quality individual proposals. 

Ultimately, Best Proposals favours speed and conversion over custom graphics. Its minimalist approach strips away template complexity to focus proposals on critical details. This allows the swift closing of more deals for agencies operating at scale. Proposify, conversely, adds visual flair for freelancers less concerned with volume. Either solution can help win customers, so assess your requirements before deciding. 

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