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Best Proposals vs PandaDoc

Best Proposals is the fastest way to create professional proposals at scale, while PandaDoc is a document management platform.

Our intuitive online platform transforms cumbersome proposals into slimmed-down pitches that convert prospects swiftly. We guide you to highlight value, integrate pricing, outline processes, state terms, and drive action without the flashy fillers. 

What is Best Proposals?

In just minutes, you can create and deliver a polished pitch that persuades prospects to advance the conversation on your terms. They review, approve, or decline your offer from a link – no more static documents or tiresome back-and-forth. 

We built our solution to inject clarity, speed, and purpose into securing new business for agencies and freelancers fatigued by messy paperwork and desktop publishing. Simplify your proposals and start winning more deals with our straightforward approach. 

Who needs Best Proposals?

Best Proposals serves those seeking to move conversations forward and close more business quickly. If you’re tired of creating visually complex proposals that prospects rarely read fully, our simplified yet persuasive approach is right for you. 

What makes it great?

Dynamic Tools

Rather than just documents, we transform proposals into dynamic tools that propel sales conversations forward. Our structured approach lends momentum to advance prospects closer to becoming customers. 


With focus and simplicity, we enable you to convey value, integrate seamless payments, set clear expectations, and secure faster approvals. No clutter or overload – just an efficient path to drive action and decisions. 

Higher Conversions

While PandaDoc is graphical, we built for higher conversions and less struggle, so you can concentrate on closing and winning more business. Simply put, Best Proposals presents your proposal in a clear, non-fussy way that clients appreciate. 

Any limitations?

If custom templates and bold visuals are higher priorities than fast turnaround, Best Proposals may not align with your needs. We focus on utility over flashy graphics to help you pitch to prospects clearly without any unnecessary weight. 

Key features

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is the industry leader for online proposal and document management software, with intuitive tools that allow you to craft polished, visually compelling pitches, quotes, agreements, and more with minimal configuration. 

Built-in analytics provide real-time visibility into prospect engagement so you can advance conversations faster. Robust integrations with leading CRMs eliminate manual errors by auto-populating proposals with relevant data. 

Who needs PandaDoc?

PandaDoc serves sales teams, account executives, agencies, and solo entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their document workflow and sales cycle. If you want to create graphical, custom proposals, PandaDoc is the right fit. 

What makes it great?

PandaDoc has a library of 750+ templates with collapsible sections, a drag-and-drop editor, and stock graphics to keep everything on one platform. It is the easiest and most comprehensive graphic proposal creator on the market. 

However, PandaDoc is more than proposal software – it is a document management platform. Rather than having files scattered across services, you can upload all your critical documents, collateral, media, and other assets into a single secure hub. 

Perhaps the most powerful feature of PandaDoc is integration with QuickBooks, DropBox, Box, and Microsoft Word. 

Any limitations?

PandaDoc has a learning curve with dynamic fields and editing tools. While it simplifies much of the document process into one platform, Best Proposals provides an even easier way to create professional proposals quickly and start closing more deals sooner. Its slim and focused approach highlights your value without the overhead of unnecessary features. 

Key features

Best Proposals vs PandaDoc

for agencies

Best Proposals lets agencies quickly create polished, professional proposals through its focused approach to sales documents. Rather than getting overwhelmed by unnecessary features, the platform highlights services, integrates pricing, outlines processes, specifies terms, and drives prospect action in a simplified workflow. 

While PandaDoc provides more flexibility for custom documents, its expanded scope hampers the speed and simplicity agencies need when pitching at scale. Managing proposals alongside other collateral in one platform ultimately creates process drag that delays sales cycles, even if the documents look great. 

Best Proposals vs PandaDoc​

for freelancers

With Best Proposals, you can highlight your services, rates, processes, plus terms upfront to set clear expectations with prospects. Rather than getting lost in document customisation with PandaDoc, you can focus on furthering conversations and driving decisions with a clean and professional presentation. 

PandaDoc unifies all document processes into a single platform and lets you create custom templates with an editing tool. It is best for freelancers in creative industries who perhaps bid against others and need colourful, stand-out proposals. 

Which should you choose?

Professionals often juggle scattered documents and struggle to create proposals that convince prospects to hire them quickly. While PandaDoc connects wide-ranging collateral into one system, its expanded scope competes for attention when your priority is progressing sales conversations. 

Best Proposals solves the core problem of closing business faster through focused proposal tools to set expectations and drive decisions. Rather than overloaded features, it provides clear value communication and integrated payments to accelerate deals. 

If you seek to simplify proposals to speed up securing new projects, Best Proposals offers purpose-built power with the versatility to scale at speed. For comprehensive document management, choose PandaDoc. But for winning new deals sooner, turn to Best Proposals to progress prospects from pitch to purchase smoothly. 

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