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Best Proposals vs BidSketch

Best Proposals generates high volumes of clean, conversion-focused proposals versus BidSketch’s graphical approach.

Best Proposals is online proposal creation software that streamlines creating and sending persuasive proposals. Its intuitive interface lets you assemble custom proposals in minutes without complicated templates or graphics. 

What is Best Proposals?

The modular 5-step build process – Introduction, Requests, Pricing, Process and Terms – makes it easy to capture all the essential details prospects need to decide. 

Once finished, your polished proposals are delivered directly to prospects’ inboxes, ready for their acceptance with just a quick click. Its automation and tracking features even let you monitor engagement and fine-tune your follow-ups accordingly. 

Created specifically to bring simplicity to the often-chaotic world of sales proposals, Best Proposals lets agencies, consultants and freelancers ditch cumbersome PDFs in favour of clean, conversion-focused documents designed to win business. 

Who is Best Proposals for?

Best Proposals is ideal for agencies, freelancers, consultants, and service professionals who want to create persuasive proposals quickly and convert more prospects into customers. It does so without templates and graphics to bring order to the proposal process. 

What makes it great?

With its emphasis on streamlined proposals to drive faster conversions, Best Proposals makes it simple to create custom proposals at scale without unnecessary fluff getting in the way. Its CRM, payments and analytics integrations also provide a closed-loop system to keep deals progressing smoothly from proposal creation to signed contracts. You can also brand proposals with your company logo. 

Any limitations?

Those wanting snazzy graphics and templates may find Best Proposals’ clean, text-based approach less visually appealing than some competitors. However, its focus on seamless functionality over form ultimately helps proposals convert better. 

Key features

What is BidSketch?

BidSketch is an online proposal software that helps sales teams and professionals create customised, professional proposals in minutes to close more deals faster. Its intuitive editor and library of reusable templates let you put together polished proposals tailored to each client without hassling over formats and designs. 

Once finished, BidSketch proposals can be shared via personalised client portals for easy reviewing, approvals, signatures and more. Real-time notifications and built-in analytics give insight into prospect engagement, too. Whether you need to impress clients with visuals or capture key details cleanly, BidSketch aims to help salespeople ditch manual processes and spend more time selling. 

Who is BidSketch for?

BidSketch targets sales professionals, teams and organisations seeking to modernise clunky proposal document processes. It suits those wanting to create, manage and track visually appealing, conversion-focused sales proposals more efficiently. 

What makes it great?

BidSketch makes sales-ready proposals fast, with tools to add custom content, optional fees for upselling, legality assurances and more. Its client portals and notifications facilitate follow-ups, while analytics provides data to refine proposals. Automatic messages on acceptance also help guide the next steps. 

Any limitations?

Despite powerful and customisable templates, those wanting more basic, text-based proposals may find BidSketch’s emphasis on visual design excessive. Fully leveraging all features takes some learning, too. 

Key features

Best Proposals vs BidSketch

for agencies

Best Proposals’ no-fuss approach shines through for busy agencies juggling multiple client proposals. Its text-based proposals skip ornate designs, focusing on customisable details for quicker turnarounds and conversions. 

Built-in integrations also help streamline post-acceptance payment and CRM workflows. Though BidSketch touts sleek templates for visual appeal, its broader emphasis on closing complex, higher-value deals makes it less ideal for volume-driven agency proposals. Overall, Best Proposals is best for scaling the sales cycle. 

Best Proposals vs BidSketch

for freelancers

Best Proposals’ focus on fast proposals and built-in efficiency features suit professionals needing simplicity and volume. BidSketch places a higher emphasis on design and complex workflows, creating visually impressive proposals. 

For independent pros wanting design-forward proposals to wow clients on critical deals, BidSketch delivers. But those needing simple conversion at scale will appreciate Best Proposals’ fuss-free approach more. Pros wanting visually impressive proposals will likely prefer BidSketch. For anyone else, Best Proposals rules. 

Which should you choose?

When deciding between the streamlined approach of Best Proposals and design driven BidSketch, consider your needs and priorities first. 

If you juggle high volumes of proposals daily, Best Proposals’ simplified formats help you create faster to meet demands while still customising key details. Its smoother post-acceptance workflows also facilitate collecting payments and transitioning new clients swiftly without any faff. 

If wowing clients with visuals is key, or you handle complex, high-value proposals, then BidSketch’s sleek templates and libraries provide more customisation and analytics – remember, though, that this takes more work upfront. 

Ultimately, the fuss-free approach of Best Proposals makes scaling easy and simplifies the proposals process. Its focus on fast drafting, easy sharing and built-in efficiency makes life simpler when you must close deals daily. So, if you want proposal software to help sell rather than obstruct, Best Proposals is the perfect solution.  

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