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Best Proposals vs Better Proposals

Best Proposals is faster and simpler than Better Proposals – perfect for agencies and creatives focused on making sales.

Transform the hassle of crafting proposals into a simple process with Best Proposals. Our online software removes the pain of proposals by enabling you to create professional documents in minutes. 

What is Best Proposals?

Where other proposal software slows you down with fancy formatting and unnecessary features, Best Proposals delivers speed and simplicity. We provide everything you need to create professional, client-winning proposals in the least time possible. Provide the essential details, and our intelligent technology composes a compelling proposal tailored to your client’s needs—no more wrestling with templates or complex software. 

Best Proposals empowers you to showcase your services, make an impactful impression, and convert prospects at scale. Streamline your workflow and accelerate results with professionally written proposals for each client. 

Who needs Best Proposals?

Best Proposals serves go-getters seeking to accelerate deal-closing and forge ahead in today’s fast-paced business landscape. We equip determined professionals with the tools to transform conversations into contracts quickly. No fancy formats or expert design skills are needed – you get complete custom proposals in a few minutes flat. 

What makes it great?

Forget fancy formats.

We distil proposals to what truly counts: compelling content that clinches deals. Best Proposals provides a refreshingly fuss-free way to create proposals that advance sales conversations from prospect to purchaser.

Dynamic Tools

Our software transforms stagnant documents into dynamic tools that catalyse decisive action. With an efficient, focused approach, you can convey value, integrate seamless payments, and secure faster approvals without all the usual clutter. 

User Friendly

While competitors overload you with unnecessary graphics, our proposals present critical information in a clean, uncomplicated style. We built Best Proposals to concentrate on what matters most: closing sales with less struggle. 

Any limitations?

If highlighting your services with snazzy graphics tops your priority list, our software may not be the best fit. We consciously cut out excessive visuals to spotlight what makes a difference: compelling content to clinch the deal. 

Key features

What is Better Proposals?

Better Proposals offers a simpler way for teams to create and manage critical business documents online. Rather than emailing around Word docs and spreadsheets, the software centralises the process into one platform. 

Users can craft polished, personalised proposals, quotes, contracts, and more using professionally designed templates. Tailor the branding, content, and formatting without the usual hassle. Then, track when recipients open, share, or sign your documents. 

The software helps streamline collaboration between remote staff, freelancers, and small business colleagues—features like notifications, integrations, analytics, and mobile access aid productivity. No marrying various tools together. 

Who needs Better Proposals?

Better Proposals offers a complete solution if coordinating with team members on critical documents feels disjointed and risky. It’s a good option for creative freelancers and boutique agencies wanting colourful proposals that impress. 

What makes it great?

While most document software buries you in complex features or constrained templates, Better Proposals stands out for its flexible editor. It strikes the ideal balance between creative freedom and clean simplicity. You can craft professional templates from scratch or customise pre-made designs without fighting rigid layouts or hard-to-use creation tools. 

Built-in elements like pricing tables, media blocks, animations, and more unlock design options minus the learning curve. See changes in real-time – no surprise formatting headaches – and the editor scales from simple to advanced, providing the control you need. 

Any limitations?

Better Proposals is not as easy as Best Proposals and can introduce complexity and doubt in sales. Best Proposals creates perfect proposals by default, while Better Proposals requires a steady hand to build winning documents. 

Key features

Best Proposals vs Better Proposals

for agencies

Best Proposals can pump out more client-ready proposals for agencies. Though Better Proposals offers deeper design options for branded assets, Best Proposals simplifies and accelerates distribution to streamline sales cycles. 

Better Proposals allow agencies to balance brand integrity, visual impressiveness, and personalisation in one platform. Teams can tailor proposals to each client’s needs while maintaining fonts, logos, palettes, and other brand assets. 

Best Proposals vs Better Proposals

for freelancers

Best Proposals offers better value with its streamlined approach to creating professional documents, letting freelancers customise proposals around the specific services requested rather than getting overwhelmed by extensive formatting options. 

Better Proposals provides deeper design functionality for those wanting to craft their brand image intricately. But for freelancers focused on conveying their value clearly to win business from each personalised pitch, Best Proposals provides the essential features. 

Which should you choose?

For those simply seeking to create quality proposals focused on nailing the client fit and value proposition rapidly, Best Proposals provides an affordable, no-fuss route to progressing more conversations and closing more deals. 

Other businesses live and die by their branded documents. For these teams, Better Proposals equips users to craft sleek, professional proposals for each client with brand colours, fonts, and graphics. 

Overall, Best Proposals and Better Proposals offer a robust solution but cater to different priorities. Best Proposals favours fast creation for closing deals rapidly, while Better Proposals enables thorough design customisation. 

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